Robert Hartmann | Chief Executive Officer


Robert Hartmann has gained vast wealth of experience in sales and business over the past 18 years:

  • Founded Hartmann Marketing Group: October/2013
  • 18 years of experience in customer relations, sales & marketing, customer retention, management, as well as owning & operating small businesses.
  • As a Fort Worth entrepreneur, he has owned, managed and operated small businesses since 2006 to include rental properties, household products, and gun safety equipment.
  • Throughout the last 18 years he has also had the privilege to serve as a Medic in the Oklahoma Army National Guard and Air Force Reserves from 2000-2008.

As a family man and Father, he understands the importance of family and the importance of helping Fort Worth businesses grow to the level where they’re able to spend more time with family.

Robert has a passion to see your business gain the online recognition it deserves. He is fully committed to taking your business to the next level!